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Free travel with a parking zone for your move in Kiel

A move usually takes place with one or two furniture transport trucks (furniture vans). These are up to 14 metres long. Free parking spaces are necessary so that our large furniture trucks can park directly in front of your old and new address on moving day. Especially in a city like Kiel, you should not rely too much on your luck, as you can often hardly find a parking space for your own car in front of your front door. Sometimes even your own parking spaces are blocked by other people's vehicles. The bigger the city and the closer you are to the centre, the greater the risk. If there are no sufficient or suitable parking spaces available on the planned date of the move, the move can quickly take longer than expected - and thus become more expensive than planned. That's why we set up a no-stopping zone before every move and every furniture transport. This is the only way we can guarantee that your move will go smoothly and quickly.

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Professional removal advice from Tischendorf when it comes to preparing and carrying out logistical tasks! Removals and furniture logistics tie up time and energy and disrupt your daily routine. So that you can concentrate on the essentials or during these times, we offer comprehensive removal services.

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Whether office relocation, company relocation or private furniture transport, Tischendorf's know-how, care and flexibility are powerful arguments why you should leave your move in the hands of professionals. We provide you with comprehensive advice before a planned move or for special transport tasks.

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We support you in all questions that arise and are a competent contact partner for everything concerning the move, which creates security and ensures the necessary trust. Our removal solutions support you in many ways with the tasks that directly affect you as the mover.

Think about applying for a no-parking zone in good time!

Plan your move early!

Establishment of a parking zone (no-parking zone) in Kiel

Blocking off and setting up parking areas before the move is one of the removal services offered by Tischendorf Möbelspedition. Because a no-stopping zone set up in good time ensures that sufficient parking space is kept free so that our removal lorry can be loaded directly in front of your front door. This saves us time and effort during the move. Temporary no-stopping zones for the purpose of removals are possible wherever local conditions allow. They are prohibited in the area of an existing absolute no-stopping zone, on disabled parking spaces, in front of driveways and escape routes.

Who can provide a no-parking service in Kiel?

In order for the move to be carried out without any problems, there must be enough space for a removal truck. However, this often requires the necessary parking areas to be cordoned off. We inspect your move-out or move-in location in advance and determine the suitable loading and unloading point in consultation with you. We then take care of all the necessary formalities of the application. Before the planned move, we set up a parking zone for you. Third-party vehicles that are then parked within the parking zone on the day of the move may thus be towed away. This guarantees a smooth process and prevents unnecessary delays due to long removal routes and loss of time.

Set up HVZ correctly and in good time

Since the establishment of no-stopping zones (HVZ) is an intervention in road traffic, they must be applied for in due time at district or public order offices, depending on the municipality. An official lead time of 14 days applies for no-stopping zones. Depending on the authority, applications made at shorter notice may be rejected. The parking zone must be set up between 48 - 96 hours before it comes into effect, depending on the city, as vehicle owners who have parked in the no-stopping zone are given the opportunity to remove their vehicles in good time. Special no-stopping signs with arrows (no-stopping sign 283, size class 2), which must be erected at an acute angle to the roadway, are necessary for the establishment.

No-stopping zones are particularly important for private households as well as for companies!

No stopping signs for the move

Request a no-stopping order - Service without moving

Our removal service includes the entire processing of the application, obtaining the official permit, procuring advance notice lists, erecting the correct barrier signs and, of course, complying with the required installation deadlines. Last but not least, the removal of the signs. Tischendorf Möbelspedition offers the no-stopping service throughout Germany and Europe. No matter whether you are moving within Kiel or to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stockholm, Brussels and Paris.

Set up a parking zone? We'll take care of it!

We also offer our no-parking service independently of other services for our customers. Tischendorf Umzüge Kiel will apply for and set up parking zones in Kiel and elsewhere for you if you do not want to move with us and do not want to use any other services from us. We also set up parking zones for furniture deliveries, tree work, construction sites, container installation, events or film work.

Set up a parking zone yourself?

Setting up no-parking zones yourself is quite a hassle for private individuals. For one thing, the application must be submitted to the district or public order office well in advance. After approval, the signs must be borrowed and properly erected. After the move, they have to be taken down and returned. You also have to take care of any necessary clearing of the parking zone (towing away of illegal parkers) on your own. Quite a lot on a day when there is a move.