Accompanying cargoes

Throughout Germany and Europe

For smaller furniture transports, small or micro removals, we offer additional loads or additional packs as a cost-effective alternative to complete removals. As an additional load, your furniture items are transported together with another order, i.e. they are added to an already booked move. This has the advantage that our removal vans do not have to be commissioned for you with an expensive direct journey and - due to fewer empty runs - are used efficiently. In this way, you can carry out your small move or furniture transport with Tischendorf inexpensively and reliably. Of course, we carry out additional loads just as conscientiously as any Tischendorf service: In the usual first-class quality.

Expert support

We will be happy to help you get your part load from A to B quickly, safely and without complications. All our employees are specialists and extremely competent contact persons, we are personally available to answer all your questions about furniture transports or additional loads.

Environmentally conscious
according to DIN ISO 14001

As an association of removal companies in the furniture transport industry, we move many hundreds of vehicles every day. Our route planning is IT-optimised and GPS-supported. Not only do you benefit from this, with an additional load option, but also our environment.

Assembly service
From the expert

Assembly, furniture assembly, furniture dismantling - we do it all and much more! Furniture assembly services can also be booked for additional loads and small transports and are not only characterised by professional competence, our assemblers also always appear polite and friendly.

The accompanying cargo specialists always find the best solution

Small transports as additional loads

Additional loads - Inexpensive and flexible in terms of time

We take on additional loads throughout Germany and Europe. Due to the high number of removals we carry out every day, we are able to respond flexibly to your scheduling requirements throughout Germany and Europe. Do you want your transport or small move to take place at a later date? No problem. If you wish, we can store your removal goods in our modern furniture warehouses until it suits your schedule.

Inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to relocation

How much does a supplementary load cost?

Beipack from 500 Euro incl. VAT.

In the new flat there is finally room for the beautiful old piano that is still in another city with the grandparents. Or the daughter is moving out and wants to take the bed and her sofa with her to her place of study. It is worth hiring a freight forwarder for small shipments of this kind in particular, because this is exactly the kind of transport for which shipping as an additional package is the best option. Of course, we pass on the cost savings that result from the efficient use of our fleet of vehicles to our customers. That is why the Tischendorf removal company is able to offer additional loads at a surprisingly favourable price. At the same time, you can rely on excellent service and highly trained and reliable specialist staff.

Comfortably and cheaply to your destination

We deliver individual pieces of furniture or moving boxes to your desired address at the destination at a favourable price and on time as part of an accompanying load. Delivery is "free point of use", which means that we pick up your goods directly from your flat, house or basement and deliver them exactly where they are needed. We don't just deliver our part loads "free kerbside" like other delivery services. It is always important to bear this in mind when comparing delivery prices from different removal companies. Because as a removal company, we know that it is almost impossible to get a sofa or a cupboard from the street into the flat or house on your own.

Envelope or by-pack - the "small" move

Move smartly and cost-effectively

Single removal or small transports as an additional load

For singles with little furniture, a small move far away, furniture transports, the dispatch of individual moving boxes or all other smaller orders, additional loads are a good alternative to the complete removal service, which we offer at particularly favourable conditions. For smaller furniture transports you do not necessarily have to rent a vehicle or book an expensive direct drive. In addition to the cost savings for our customers, together we do something good for the environment, because the efficient utilisation of our vehicle fleet saves resources and energy. Environmental protection is a matter close to Tischendorf Umzugslogistik's heart. We have been operating a professional environmental management system since 2012. Because we don't just talk, we also do something.

Simply contact us by phone or e-mail and let us know your enquiry for an enclosure.