Removal boxes

For the light transport of heavy goods!

High-quality moving materials are essential for a safe and smooth move. The Tischendorf removal company only uses professional removal boxes. This way we can ensure that your inventory and household goods arrive at your new home without damage. All our cardboard boxes are made of sturdy double corrugated cardboard and have reinforced carrying handles, a tuck-in bottom and self-retaining lid flaps. But it's not just our cardboard boxes and special packaging that is first-class, but all of our moving materials. This applies to our containers, boxes, ramps, furniture blankets as well as adhesive tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper and packing paper. Because with our high-quality packaging materials, we safely protect your furniture from transport damage and breakage.

Cartons, boxes & Co - We rely on professional moving material

Our experienced removal team will pack all delicate furniture and other furnishings in furniture blankets and stretch film to protect them from scratches and knocks. We use various high-quality transport aids for the transport. Depending on your needs and the structural conditions on site, we use furniture rollers, furniture dogs, outdoor lifts or other special equipment. Our aim is to transport your removal goods as safely as possible to their new destination. To achieve this, we make use of all the aids that enable the project to proceed quickly and smoothly.

Competence and

Competent advice in the run-up to the move, professional handling and serious claims handling in the event of damage. Our employees are exclusively trained professionals, because a successful move needs more than just pack mules!

and quality

Removal companies should be one thing above all: excellent! We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and thus have a globally recognised proof of quality capability, competent advice and tailor-made services.

Removals for private
or companies

Whether private or corporate relocation - with enthusiasm we passionately accompany private relocations all over the world, carry out professional corporate relocations and offer our customers exclusive relocation services - everywhere!

Particularly valuable removal goods must be protected

Professional removal material

Our professional removal materials:

These sturdy boxes are designed for transporting books and other heavy items, such as records and CDs. They have extra reinforced carrying handles and are slightly smaller than normal moving boxes. Suitable for 40 kg contents.

Crockery and other fragile removal goods are safely stowed in porcelain boxes. Special glass inserts are used for glasses. Our removal teams pack china, ceramics and glass in tissue paper as standard, to protect against scratches and breakage. Our porcelain boxes have extra reinforced handles. They can hold up to 40 kg of contents.

Our file boxes are suitable for office removals. Folders and files can be safely packed here. There is room for about 7 - 10 files in one box. To make it easy to pack hanging files, file boxes can be equipped with hanging file inserts.

In our sturdy clothes boxes, your entire wardrobe can be easily transported hanging on the hanger. From the wardrobe, the clothes can be hung directly into the clothes box. The construction of the bar ensures that the hangers do not slip. This means that suits, blouses, trousers and the like can be conveniently hung back in the wardrobe without creasing after the move.

With these special boxes we transport your flatscreen TV (LED, LCD, Plasma, OLED) safely and well protected to your new home.

Picture cardboard is available in various sizes and shapes. Depending on your needs, we will wrap your paintings and artworks in special film beforehand.

There is room for all moving items in our roll containers. From lamps to files to desk contents, smaller items can be transported safely.

The Smartcart makes moving filing cabinets and bookcases easy and uncomplicated. Up to 300 kg of documents can be loaded and moved in one piece.

Sensitive files, papers and computers are safe and secure in our security containers. The containers are made of sheet steel and are closed on all sides. The security container is secured with a lock for maximum protection. Suspension files can also be transported in the security containers.

Books, files and folders can be transported quickly and easily in our archive boxes. Simply packed from the shelves into the boxes, documents can be quickly stowed away again on shelves in the correct order at the new location.

The reusable container is the sustainable alternative to the moving box. In our reusable containers, all your removal goods are safely and reliably stored. You can rent reusable containers from us for your move at a reasonable price. The containers have a lid and are stackable.

With our spring-loaded transport aids, we can transport boxes and furniture quickly and vibration-free to the loading point. This saves time and protects the removal goods.

Our removal teams always have ramps with them so that our rolling containers and transport aids can also be used on thresholds or steps. This way we can safely transport your removal goods to the loading point and unloading point.

Covering transport routes with floor protection fleece is a standard part of our removal services. The fleece safely protects entrances, stairwells, hallways and floors in offices and flats from scratches or other damage.

Aluminium composite protection film is mainly used for overseas removals. The film reliably protects goods from climatic and mechanical influences.

Fragile and sensitive items are reliably protected from breakage and transport damage in bubble wrap.

With destination stickers on your boxes, you get your removal goods exactly where you want them.

With hardboard, we can guarantee safe transport routes even on construction sites or uneven floors.

For delicate and fragile objects, wooden crates are suitable for safe transport. They are available in different sizes and shapes.

For all types of removal goods that require special packaging, we can make boxes and cardboard packaging to fit exactly.

Overseas moves require special packaging that reliably protects against climatic and mechanical influences.

To protect against scratches and damage, we use monitor protection films for office relocation as standard.

We use stretch film to pack removal goods tightly and securely so that nothing is damaged and nothing is lost.

Your removal goods are tied down in the removal van with straps so that nothing slips during transport.

We pack mattresses in covers as standard to protect them from dirt when moving.

Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content

confern boxes are stable, stackable and perfectly stow your belongings.

Professionals move with confern!

Pack moving boxes correctly!

Proper packing of moving boxes prevents transport damage. The decisive factor here is the weight distribution in the boxes and at the boxes. As a general rule, heavy items should be distributed among as many boxes as possible so that one box does not end up being insanely heavy and another as light as a feather. The ideal is to combine heavy items with light ones. This makes it easier for the furniture makers to transport the boxes in the furniture truck, but also to load the truck properly, because a good distribution of the total weight is also important on the loading area. Do not fill book boxes to the top with books and illustrated books, rather add a layer of CDs/DVDS or cuddly toys on top, after all, the boxes still have to be moved!

Tips for packing moving boxes

Heavy objects always belong on the bottom so that they cannot damage delicate items from above. This applies in particular to kitchenware. Earthenware, chopping boards, plates and platters belong on the bottom, light cups and saucers on top. Wrap fragile items well with packing silk or bubble wrap - and mark on the box that it contains something fragile. Important: Leave as little air as possible between the items, otherwise everything will fly around during transport. Gaps in the boxes can be filled with towels, bedding or paper. Please make sure that carrying handles remain free. Tip: Pack the boxes room by room, this will make it easier to unpack and put away later. Don't forget to label the boxes! And please only pack them as heavy as you can carry yourself!!!

Cardboard transports - Shipping cardboard boxes with Tischendorf

We offer a reliable door-to-door shipping service for moving boxes. Do you want to take things on holiday and have no room in your suitcase? We can bring surfboards, bicycles and other bulky sports equipment safely and reliably to your holiday destination. Or do you want to transport smaller items of furniture to the children or grandchildren, but your car is too small? Then our Tischendorf shipping service is just right for you. We ship moving boxes, furniture, ski, diving and other sports equipment, surfboards, prams, bulky luggage, excess luggage, walking frames, wheelchairs or suitcases weighing up to 30 kilograms directly to the desired destination - or even just to the airport or cruise ship terminal.

Every year, confern uses around 1.1 million cardboard boxes to protect your removal goods.

We also bring you home safely

Confern-Box, the environmentally friendly alternative

In addition to the standard moving box, we offer the environmentally friendly confern box in two sizes. The confern box is a sealable, robust reusable plastic box. It can be reused up to 500 times. With a volume of 80 litres and a load weight of up to 40 kilograms, it is also suitable for heavy material. You can order the boxes quickly and easily to your home by phone or with a few clicks. We will deliver your boxes directly to your doorstep at the desired time. The boxes are ready for immediate use and can be stacked up to 140 kilograms. They are suitable for moving as well as for storage, at home or in the furniture warehouse. Both box sizes are available with hanging file brackets for transporting or storing files and folders. The boxes are weatherproof, clean and odourless, and particularly sustainable thanks to the reusable principle. We will collect your empty boxes or those filled for storage from your home on the date you specify.

Perfectly packed in the professionals' moving boxes

After your personal Klingenberg removal consultant has calculated your removal volume, we will be happy to provide you with suitable boxes before your removal date. This way you can start sorting and packing your household goods in peace. But even if you are not moving with us, you can still purchase professional moving materials from us. We have a large assortment and also sell used boxes in good condition at a reasonable price. Our high-quality moving boxes include standard boxes, book boxes, clothes boxes, confern boxes, special boxes for archives, porcelain, pictures and flat screen televisions. In addition, we have a range of special packaging for art objects, instruments, antiques, jewellery, bicycles, motorbikes and vintage cars.