Disposal & Clearing

Environmentally sound disposal of bulky waste and electrical appliances

Anyone preparing a move usually has to organise a lot in a very short time: Sorting out, packing, planning furnishings, possibly painting or rebuilding. Tischendorf offers you an uncomplicated disposal and clearing-out service so that you do not have to burden yourself with the additional disposal of old furniture or old electrical appliances. On moving day, we reliably take care of the professional disposal of all your discarded household items, from dishwashers to bedroom wardrobes, from sofas to mattresses, from exercise bikes to old wooden slats. We take care of the removal and professional disposal of all items. You can hand the flat over to the landlord or owner on the same day, cleared and broom-clean. If you are planning your move with Tischendorf, our disposal service is a cost-effective option for you. Removal and disposal take place on the same date, and you don't have to worry about anything else.

Competence and

Competence and reliability, as well as thinking along and taking responsibility, these are our strengths. You can rely on us to always deliver agreed services, the main goal is to be your reliable partner.

and service

We have been dedicated to the removal business since 1876. For private individuals and business customers, we offer the right option for every customer group, even when it comes to furniture disposal.

Environmentally conscious
according to DIN ISO 14001

For us, certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 merely provides the basic framework for compliance with many strict formalities. Acting out of conviction is far more important to us. Furthermore, the motto is to avoid waste instead of disposing of waste.

You need to create space in your flat, cellar, office, house, garden?

Disposal of old furniture Kiel

Professional disposal for furniture manufacturers and corporate customers

Whether sofas, armchairs, dishwashers and washing machines, refrigerators or other electrical waste, Tischendorf takes care of the disposal in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. Our disposal service meets all the requirements of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG). This law regulates the environmentally sound management of waste. The disposal of old furniture and bulky waste is carried out according to strict guidelines on resource, climate and environmental protection. Separate disposal guidelines apply to electrical appliances. All standards of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act are scrupulously adhered to by professional disposal companies like Tischendorf. We safely and reliably take care of the proper disposal of your old furniture and electrical appliances.

Our services for you:

  • Furniture disposal
  • Disposal of electrical appliances
  • Clearing out
  • Household clearance incl. flat handover
  • Container services
  • Final cleaning
  • Renovation

Tischendorf - also for clearing out of all kinds of things

From the cellar to the attic

Professional furniture disposal with Tischendorf

The Kiel removal company Tischendorf offers a reliable and professional disposal service for all things you no longer need. We will make you a purchase offer for office furniture that is in good condition. We dispose of bulky waste in an uncomplicated and environmentally friendly way. This service is free of charge when you move to Tischendorf. But even without a move, we are happy to take care of the professional disposal of furniture, office equipment and electrical appliances. You can also order the destruction of files from us. Tischendorf is your reliable full-service provider for removals, disposal, clearing out and renovation in Kiel and the surrounding area.

What should I bear in mind when clearing out?

We are not only your professional and experienced partner for the disposal of furniture and electrical appliances. Tischendorf Umzüge has extensive experience in household clearances, flat clearances, house clearances and de-cluttering. We clear out full cellars and attics, we empty garages and hobby rooms. We also take care of clearing out sheds or commercial warehouses. We reliably take on complete flat and household clearances as well as the liquidation of estates and their disposal in Kiel and the surrounding area. We ensure that all household items are removed quickly and disposed of in accordance with the regulations. Our service also includes final cleaning until the property is handed over to the landlord or owner in a swept clean condition. If desired, we can also take on any necessary renovation work. We are the right partner for you if you need quick and uncomplicated help with the dissolution of a household or clearing out. We have the appropriate know-how to carry out your order quickly and without complications.

Environmentally sound disposal of bulky waste and electrical appliances

Bulky waste? - No problem at all!

Office furniture disposal for furniture manufacturers and corporate clients

Our service portfolio also includes professional disposal and clearing out for our corporate customers. In the case of new office furnishings, furniture transports or the relocation of workplaces, Tischendorf's trained teams take care of the speedy removal and proper disposal of old furniture, items that are no longer needed and all packaging material. Our teams load the discarded furniture even before the arrival of the new goods at the end customer's premises, so that the new furniture can be assembled in free areas according to the customer's wishes. Our furniture workers take the discarded furniture and superfluous items as well as all packing and packaging materials to the nearest recycling centre. There they are disposed of in accordance with the regulations.

Where to put old furniture?

When you move into a new flat, you often leave some furniture behind. Either because the move is used to finally clear out and say goodbye to surplus, unused or outdated furniture, or because the things do not fit into the new home for reasons of space or style. Or even because the change of home was accompanied by a few new purchases. So where do you put the bulky heirlooms, the leftovers from long ago student or training days, or all the cherished but bulky pieces that have been gathering dust in the cellar for years? Moving house is the best opportunity to clean out. However, not everything that is no longer needed is scrap. You can often still earn some money with furniture and household items that are in good condition. We will be happy to make you an offer to buy brand-name office furniture. On the internet there are special sales platforms for valuable antiques or vintage furniture from the 50s - 80s. Interested parties often pay collectors' prices for discarded brand-name vases, cutlery, services, tablecloths, candlesticks or designer pieces. If you don't want to sell, you can also give away old furniture and household goods. Students or people without much income are happy about free tables, chairs and lamps. However, if the items only have scrap value, we can easily dispose of them as part of your move.

What exactly is bulky waste?

If you want to dispose of your bulky waste yourself, you should find out from your disposal company what exactly is taken away as bulky waste. Because what is bulky waste and what is not is determined by the municipality in which you live. As a rule, bulky waste includes movable household items, i.e. everything that you can theoretically take with you when you move, but which is too big, too heavy, too bulky or whose material does not fit into the residual waste bin. For example, dismantled beds, cupboards, tables, carpets, mattresses, skirting boards, old bicycles or prams. Parts that are permanently installed in the home, such as doors or floor coverings, are not included. However, some municipalities, such as Berlin, accept door leaves, laminate, window frames and even bathtubs as bulky waste. In some cities, old electrical appliances are also included in bulky waste. Not everywhere bulky waste is collected regularly. In some places, you have to make an appointment to have it collected for a fee. Anyone can drop off their bulky waste directly at the nearest recycling or materials centre. This is free of charge for normal household quantities. For larger quantities, it is best to find out in advance when a fee will be charged.