Removals for the Bundeswehr and the Federal Foreign Office

The relocation provider for the armed forces and the Federal Foreign Office

Do you work for the German Armed Forces or a federal ministry and are planning a business-related move at home or abroad? The Kiel moving company Tischendorf is the right choice for your Bundeswehr or Federal Ministry move. We are a long-established traditional company from Kiel with more than 145 years of experience in planning, organising and implementing national and international removals. For decades we have been a confern relocation partner moving armed forces and federal ministries in Germany. For many years, we have been a reliable provider of removals for soldiers, employees of the German Armed Forces and civil servants and employees of federal ministries. As a recognised specialist company, we guarantee you a first-class, smooth and punctual move. We reliably take care of the entire planning and handling of your change of duty station or temporary stay abroad. Put your trust in the Tischendorf removal company for your move for the German Armed Forces or a Federal Ministry. We will handle your change of residence professionally and routinely so that you have more time to prepare for your new duties.

Competence and

Competent advice in the run-up to the Bundeswehr relocation, professional handling and serious claims handling in the event of damage - all this is part of the standards. A successful Bundeswehr move needs experience that makes the difference.

and quality

As different as our customers are, as different are the demands and tasks that every move places on us. Meeting these diverse demands is the advantage of our Bundeswehr relocation service. We place the highest value on these services.

Regional. National.

At home, abroad, overseas, we are always the right partner for staff. All services are also provided perfectly abroad. You will receive a binding and detailed cost estimate, and we also undertake not to exceed the stated fee.

Who does removals for members of the armed forces & civil servants?

In action for you everywhere

Tischendorf for all Bundeswehr removals

The Tischendorf moving company has a high level of expertise in transfer moves. This means all services for Bundeswehr relocation are optimally provided by the experienced and reliable Tischendorf teams. Our trained employees have the necessary know-how for every service you require. From the routine packing and unpacking service to the professional Furniture assemblyFrom professional loading and optimal transport to craftsman services, we offer you a comprehensive range of services for your move. For example, your Tischendorf carpenter will dismantle your kitchen in your old home and completely reassemble it at your new place of work according to your wishes, including adaptation and all connection work. And if necessary, we will also supply you directly with a new worktop or the missing accessories. We move you within Germany just as routinely and reliably as we do abroad. If you do not want to take all your household effects or furniture with you, we offer the possibility of short-, medium- and long-term storage in our modern and heated furniture warehouses. We are at your disposal for all relocation questions concerning a transfer to another place of employment or a temporary stay abroad. At home, abroad, overseas - Tischendorf is your reliable partner. Staff members of the German Armed Forces have their military relocation carried out carefree by Tischendorf.

Relocation of the Federal Foreign Office (AA), Ministry of Defence and civil servants

For decades, we have been carrying out worldwide removals and transports for German diplomats and employees of the Federal Foreign Office. Most of our customers from the diplomatic service regularly change their place of employment. Many continue to rely on Tischendorf's services after their first move with us. Especially when you move every few years, you want to put your belongings in trustworthy hands. Full-service moves all over the world are part of our daily business. Tischendorf is a partner of the German Foreign Office especially for Western Europe and overseas. We are also the right partner for relocations of staff from the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Defence, for federal civil servants, civil servants seconded to the federal service and judges seconded to the federal service. We always carry out your move in accordance with the Federal Relocation Costs Act (BUKG).

Federal Law on Relocation Costs - BUKG

The Federal Relocation Expenses Act (Bundesumzugskostengesetz) regulates the remuneration for relocations of federal civil servants, soldiers and seconded civil servants and judges in the federal service. After you have received written approval for a move on official business, you hire a removal company of your choice. You must initially advance the costs incurred. After completion of the move, you will be reimbursed the costs by the Federal Government. The Federal Law on Removal Expenses (Bundesumzugskostengesetz) specifies exactly what type and scope of expenses are reimbursed. The Tischendorf removal company is very familiar with the BUKG due to many years of working with the federal government and can offer you an optimal removal quote. The advantage: You only need to obtain one offer. This saves time and effort. In addition, you can be sure that all services will be remunerated in accordance with the BUKG. Our relocation service for members of the armed forces and employees of federal ministries offers the entire Tischendorf range of services in first-class quality. Your BUKG move is in the best hands with us.

Removals for soldiers, diplomats, and other civil servants

Expertise in relocation moves

Our services for removals for the German Armed Forces and Federal Ministries:

  • Packing and unpacking service
  • Dismantling and assembling furniture, lighting and kitchens
  • Provision of suitable packaging materials
  • Specialist tradesman service for all installation, painting and renovation work
  • Modern fleet
  • Free consultation at your premises
  • Storage and interim storage in our heated furniture warehouses
  • Final cleaning and painting at the old residence
  • Clean handover of the old flat

The Tischendorf Armed Forces Removal - always first-class quality

Tischendorf's removal professionals reliably ensure that your furniture and household effects arrive safely and on time at your new place of residence, regardless of whether you are transferred to another duty station within Germany or temporarily ordered abroad. Only trained specialists work for us. All our employees are skilled workers and are also regularly trained on new furniture systems. Our manual and furniture workers take care of the dismantling and assembly of furniture and kitchens. At Tischendorf, the transport of your furniture is carried out safely and reliably by trained truck drivers. Our experienced removal consultants are at your side before, during and after the move with all-round support. Due to the professionalism of our employees and decades of experience with national and worldwide removals, a modern fleet of vehicles, state-of-the-art transport equipment and the ambition to always be a little better than the competition, we can guarantee you a first-class and smooth move with Tischendorf. Our Quality is even officially confirmed.

The relocation specialist - Bundeswehr, Federal Foreign Office and Federal Ministry of the Interior

Federal Armed Forces and civilian employees

What does a Bundeswehr move cost?

The Federal Relocation Costs Act regulates the reimbursement of costs for relocations of federal civil servants, soldiers and seconded civil servants and judges in the federal service. The law was amended in 1990 and is constantly being amended. The most recent amendment is from 2019. The original law regulating federal relocation costs has been in force since 1964 because the expense of handling relocations has led to a large amount of work in the federal authorities. Since then, the nature and extent of reimbursement for relocation expenses have been clearly regulated. The prerequisite for reimbursement of relocation expenses is first a written commitment from the authority concerned for the relocation on official business.

Step by step - Moving internationally

We want to be able to advise every customer in Germany and Europe personally. You ask yourself how that works? By video conference? In principle, this is possible if the customer wants it. But we still prefer face-to-face meetings - anywhere in the world. We offer personal counselling for our clients in Germany and all over Europe with the help of our partners of the confern- and of the EUROVAN network with more than 3000 employees in Europe. Our worldwide network of agents also consists of more than 2000 relocation professionals in more than 165 countries. All our partners meet our high standards of quality, care, reliability and expertise.

Worldwide transfer moves - recognition and incentive at the same time

It is the recognition of our permanently optimal services and the first-class quality of our work. Because only the best removal companies in Germany take care of all the formalities for you. Our services are carefully assessed for this purpose. However, being a relocation partner is also an incentive to fulfil the requirements placed on us for your relocation for the German Armed Forces and Federal Ministries satisfactorily and smoothly. We always guarantee professional services adapted to your needs. Because the satisfaction of our customers has top priority at the traditional Tischendorf company.