Transport insurance - for more security when moving

In order to offer our customers the best possible protection in the event of damage and not just a minimum level of security, we have developed a special transport insurance policy in cooperation with the confern head office, which significantly exceeds the legal liability provisions in terms of its coverage and offers our customers more security. If your furniture, crockery and other removal goods significantly exceed the value of the basic liability, you should take out Tischendorf Transport Insurance for your move. We will do everything we can to deliver your belongings safely to your desired destination. In the very rare event of damage, we offer you maximum security with Tischendorf transport insurance.

If something does happen
gets broken

If damage occurs during a move, the question of liability arises. Insurance is a sensible investment for the customer that can minimise the risk of damage during the move and is liable in the event of damage.

Expert support

We provide you with experienced experts worldwide for all moving services. All employees are specialists and competent contact persons, we are personally available to assist you with all questions regarding your move.

Removal company with
certified quality

Our company's certifications guarantee you high quality in removals. As a confern company, you also benefit from a strong German and worldwide network with which we handle removals all over the world.

The better move - international insurance solutions for all eventualities

Your move, in safe hands worldwide

Basic liability

Tischendorf Möbelspedition always aims to bring your belongings safely and without damage to their destination. However, even with the greatest care, no removal company can rule out the possibility of damage, for example due to a traffic accident that was not their fault. Tischendorf, like every professional removal company, is liable for any damage to furniture or inventory. This is regulated by law.

Is removal insurance included with a removal company?

What is the basic liability?

Statutory insurance only covers a small amount

According to §451e of the Commercial Code, the legally required insurance, the so-called basic liability by the removal company, amounts to 620 euros per cubic metre of removal goods. That sounds a lot at first, but in reality it only covers a small amount. For an average two-person household with a load volume of about 40 cubic metres - which corresponds to about 80 square metres of living space - that would be just under 25,000 euros for the entire inventory, including furniture, television, computer, crockery, household effects, jewellery, etc. The basic liability also only covers the costs of the removal company. Moreover, the basic liability only replaces the current value of the furniture, not the replacement value.

Play it safe with transport insurance!

Ideal protection for removal goods

Removal transport insurance

The sum insured for transport insurance goes far beyond the statutory liability provisions. You can choose from various models. For example, you have the option of insuring your furniture and all your household effects at replacement value (not current value) - for all transports and storage worldwide. This means that you will not suffer any financial loss in the event of a necessary new purchase. We also have special insurance solutions for antiques, works of art and IT equipment. With the Tischendorf removal company, you are also first-class insured for the extremely rare event of damage.

Full Cover - Why is additional transport insurance useful?

Move safely - Maximum protection

Full Cover - 360° all-round protection

The Tischendorf transport insurance does not only apply to the transport of your removal goods. The liability refers to the complete removal process defined by you. Depending on the service commissioned, the insurance can therefore cover dismantling, transport, storage and assembly. With our transport insurance, your move and your removal goods are covered to the maximum - according to your needs and wishes.

Our insurance solutions at a glance

  • Time/new value insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Warehouse insurance
  • IT insurance

What to do in case of damage?

The deadlines for reporting damage are regulated by law. If you notice any damage or defects during or after your move, you must report them immediately to the removal team on site. The damage must be recorded in writing, preferably with photos. Obvious damage, such as scratches and dirt on the furniture or in the stairwell, lost items or boxes can still be reported in writing the following day. In the case of non-obvious damage, e.g. damage to items in boxes, the notification period is 14 days. Attention - self-packed cartons are excluded from liability! Trust the specialists: We pack your furniture and inventory in a way that is safe for transport and breakage - and thus bring your removal goods safely and reliably to your new address. Simply ask for your transport insurance without obligation. We offer you the ideal solution.