With Moverscan, Tischendorf uses software from Denkpark that was specially designed for removal companies. Moverscan is used when a removal request cannot be answered with a personal visit for scheduling or distance reasons.
The customer is simply sent a link by text message and can access the portal directly. Here, they can enter information about the move and send us pictures of their home directly via their smartphone. Based on the information and photos provided by the customer, our team can prepare an informative offer.


The safe way to get a quote for your move, even in the Corona era: virtual, modern and easy to get your personal quote via smartphone. Moverscan - the fast, do-it-yourself recording of removal goods in the flat, house or office. - 24/7.

Removal survey from the comfort of your own home

Digital and virtual quotation preparation around the clock, prepare your quotation and have it calculated. Services and budget can be individually designed, but if you still have questions, please contact our removal consultants at any time.

Calculate moving costs in less than 10 minutes

Our advisors are available from Monday to Friday for removal inspections. But you don't have time for viewing appointments during the week? And you need a cost estimate for your move? Then simply movercan the survey.

Digital relocation advisor - contactless, fast and easy - 24/7


It's as simple as that:

Step 1
Please complete the form below. You will receive a verification code by e-mail/SMS, which you enter here.
Step 2
You will then receive a link by e-mail/SMS. Answer the questions questions about the move and take photos of the rooms relevant to the move. rooms.
Step 3
You will then receive a detailed, non-binding offer from from us.

Please fill in the form