History - Tischendorf Removals

The long history of a removal company

The history of the Tischendorf company began more than 145 years ago, in 1876. Julius Oskar Tischendorf was a coffin and furniture maker in Kiel. He had the idea of transporting his own products himself.

Competence and

Competent advice in the run-up to the move, professional handling and serious claims handling in the event of damage. Our employees are exclusively trained professionals, because a successful move needs more than just pack mules!

Environmental management

For us, certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 merely provides the basic framework for compliance with many strict formalities. Acting out of conviction is far more important to us. Furthermore, the motto is to avoid waste instead of disposing of waste.

Quality management

Removal companies should be one thing above all: excellent! We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and thus have a globally recognised proof of quality capability, competent advice and tailor-made services.

Julius Oskar Tischendorf - the removal partner from Kiel

Quality was and is our claim

 Removals from back then

Even then, the idea of service was the spring of all drive: Julius Tischendorf wanted to serve his clientele faster and better than was usual at the time. So in 1876 he began the first journeys by horse and cart through the Kiel city area. In the founding generation, the Tischendorf removal company and today's Tischendorf Funeral Home each developed into independent companies.

Founded in 1876 - For over 145 years ...

... we bring you home

The Tischendorf Removal Company goes international

The removal company soon oriented itself beyond the region of Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein: all available means of transport of the time were used to carry out removals quickly and safely. In addition to classic road transport, rail, cargo shipping and air transport were also used for international long-distance transport. It was not until the mid-1960s that containers were invented for overseas transport. Until then, furniture trucks were simply loaded onto freighters. In the summer of 1999, the partner network confern carried out the move of the Bundestag with 7,000 employees from Bonn to Berlin, with Tischendorf playing a major role. In addition, several embassies moved to the capital at the same time with the Tischendorf moving company.

38 kilometres of files and 120,000 pieces of furniture from 81 Bonn buildings

The Bundestag procession


In the meantime, Tischendorf no longer only carries out private and company removals, but has also opened up a further field of work with new furniture and art logistics. In addition, Tischendorf offers the possibility of storing or temporarily storing furniture, files and more in the most modern container warehouse (200 x 20″ sea containers) in the north. Tischendorf has the globally recognised proof of quality capability and is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and has introduced environmental management according to 14001.

Following the example of the founder, we, Tischendorf Umzugslogistik & Möbelspedition GmbH, want to continue and further develop the idea of service today. What began with one employee and a horse-drawn vehicle in the centre of Kiel has grown over the course of 145 years into a renowned and internationally active traditional company. Today Tischendorf is a leading specialist in all areas of removals - regionally, nationally and internationally.