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With every move there is furniture or furnishings that cannot or should not be transported in one piece. These include cupboards, shelving units or sofas. In most cases, it is not the weight of the furniture that is decisive for it to be dismantled, but its dimensions. Some items simply do not fit through the staircase, and even if bulky furniture could theoretically be transported in one piece, professional removal companies often advise dismantling large pieces of furniture for transport and packing them securely. This not only protects the furniture and the staircase, but also offers the opportunity to reassemble your shelf or cupboard in your new home according to your wishes. Perhaps the bookshelf needs to be moved around the corner in the new home, a cupboard door needs to open the other way or a highboard needs to become a sideboard. Expertise is essential for assemblies of this kind. They should only be carried out by professionals. Only the professional assembly of system furniture and faultless assembly will make your move perfect.

Competence and

Professional handling and serious claims handling in the event of damage. Our employees are exclusively trained professionals, because a successful move needs more than just pack mules - experience that makes the difference.

and quality

Our fitters and their assembly services turn a "PRIMA" into a "WOW". The very best service options from furniture assembly to drilling and dowelling work to connecting cookers and lamps. Even for complex office furnishings!

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Companies in particular maintain a web of dependencies and responsibilities; communication and timing are our greatest endeavours. Only when the production chain is disturbed and interrupted as minimally as possible is a company relocation really successful.

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As a Tischendorf customer, you can be sure that only trained personnel will take care of your furniture and set it up safely and undamaged in your new home. Because at the Tischendorf removal company we only employ trained specialists. All of our furniture makers and fitters are proficient in the most common cabinet and furniture systems. They are regularly trained on new programmes or models on the market. It goes without saying that a professional furniture assembly includes the levelling of unevenness in floors. Only when properly balanced will your furniture stand securely and straight in your new home. We use professional wooden furniture wedges to level out uneven areas in the floor. Once installed, these remain with you. All furniture to be assembled is aligned by us with a spirit level. At Tischendorf you can be sure that our removal teams will professionally and reliably dismantle, transport and reassemble all your furniture - with expertise, care and special tools.

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Pieces of furniture that have been standing for a long time cannot simply be taken apart and reassembled. It is important that the parts are put together in the order in which they were originally assembled. Incorrectly assembled pieces of furniture are often crooked or warped or, in the worst case, no longer stand securely. To avoid this danger, our Tischendorf assemblers mark all individual parts with Tischendorf assembly labels before disassembling cabinets. The cabinet parts are numbered consecutively from left to right so that they can be reassembled in the correct order. Before all assembly work, our removal teams protect surrounding walls and floors from possible damage. This means that even heavy cupboard parts can be placed against walls until they are completely dismantled into individual parts. Cabinet fittings are dismantled and packed in such a way that they do not damage other pieces of furniture during transport.

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A professional assembly service also includes the professional handling of screws, keys and other small parts accessories. To ensure that nothing gets lost during the move and that you don't have to spend a long time looking for matching keys or screws during assembly, we pack all small parts that belong together in individual, specially marked key bags. Depending on the scope of the removal project, the key bags are kept in a separate box or attached directly to the inside of the respective cupboard. Trust in Tischendorf when it comes to setting up your furniture perfectly.