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We solve your space problems!

Tischendorf-Umzüge offers you various options for storage. Our modern furniture warehouse in Kiel-Wittland has 5,000 m² of dry and heatable storage space and meets all safety standards. Whether you want to store your entire household, office equipment or need short-term interim storage for your removal goods, we have the right offer for you. Storage in Tischendorf's modern furniture warehouse is the ideal solution for keeping furniture and household goods safe temporarily or for longer periods. The Tischendorf warehouse solves your storage problems.

Pick-up and delivery service

Our pick-up and delivery service includes the collection of your furniture or other goods, we then bring them directly to our warehouse. And if it's heavy stuff that needs to be transported to the 3rd floor, for example, we'll be happy to take care of the delivery.

Companies - and
Office moves

Office relocation best with Tischendorf. We are the right contact for your comfortable office move or all company moves and the moving professional for a smooth start at the new location. Business customers also always have something to store!

Furniture assembly service
From the expert

Furniture assembly, furniture installation, furniture dismantling - we do it all and much more! Our furniture assembly service is not only characterised by professional competence, the fitters always appear friendly and polite. Tischendorf furniture assemblers are experts in their field.

Where can I have my furniture stored in Kiel and the surrounding area?

Storage space for your storage

We solve your storage problems!

You no longer need your entire inventory after your move? Or not yet immediately? Your new house is not yet finished, but you already have to move out of your old flat? You are planning a stay abroad for a few months? Or your company has transferred you for a limited period? Whatever you want to store or move out, Tischendorf offers you individual storage options on more than 5,000 m² of storage space in Kiel-Wittland. The Tischendorf furniture warehouse is the most modern in Schleswig-Holstein and offers plenty of space for furniture, household goods, art, files, books, vehicles and other private property. Short-term storage in a swap body is also possible on request. This is ideal, for example, if the move into a new flat or house is delayed. Swap cases can be provided immediately upon individual agreement if required.

Furniture storage in the most modern container hall in Schleswig-Holstein

Sometimes there is simply not enough space in your own four walls. A beautiful heirloom, an unused piano, too many books or records. Not everyone has a dry cellar or garage where these things can be stored. When things get cramped at home, it's easy to lose track of everything - or to temporarily store your things at Tischendorf. In our modern furniture storage your things are safe and dry. Whether for the short term, medium term or long term, your furniture, files or other stored goods are in good and safe hands with us - for exactly the period you specify yourself. Your objects are stored under climatically safe conditions. Our warehouse is optimally protected against burglary and bad weather. Nevertheless, we can specially insure your belongings on request. Furniture storage at Tischendorf includes all services, including those from our Full service relocation offer.

Furniture storage at Tischendorf in Kiel - everything under wraps

Storage space for your storage

Container storage

At the Tischendorf furniture warehouse in Kiel, storage in your own container is also possible. We have over 200 storage containers, each with a loading volume of around 33 m³. The size corresponds to a 20-foot standard overseas container and offers plenty of storage space for your furniture, household goods and all the items you don't want to part with but currently have no room for. The great advantage of container storage is that we can drive directly to your home with the storage container to stow your stored goods directly on site. According to your wishes, both we and you can take care of loading the container yourself. Without reloading, we bring the storage container together with your furniture or stored goods to our furniture warehouse.

Storage space in the storage container

A crane track is used to pick up the loaded container from the truck and bring it to its permanent storage location. Your stored goods remain in the container without reloading. This is particularly gentle, as all objects only need to be touched once during loading and do not need to be moved afterwards. That is why storage in containers is particularly suitable for sensitive goods. Office equipment, furniture, household effects, collections, instruments, files, archives and all items for which there is no longer sufficient space at home can be stored cleanly and dryly in our containers. You can always access your belongings at short notice. Tischendorf's container storage service offers many advantages for the storage of private property. With container storage from Tischendorf, you are lying and storing just right! 

Who can also provide storage services for companies and businesses?

Also available for short-term storage

Storage of furniture and private property

Space is limited within one's own four walls. This can quickly lead to hardly solvable space problems, for example when a household is downsized or dissolved and the many pieces of furniture do not fit into the new home. If the record collection has simply become too large or the file archive too extensive. Or if the completion of the new house is delayed, but the tenancy agreement for the old flat has already been terminated. When a longer stay abroad, a transfer or time off is imminent. There are many different reasons for short, medium or long-term storage in our heated and protected furniture warehouse in Kiel. No matter what you want to store, whether removal goods, files, household goods, furniture, instruments or art, we will store and manage your stored goods in the way you would expect from a highly professional removal logistics company: Safe, clean and tidy. We provide a professional remedy for your space problem!

These are the services you can expect from our storage service:

  • Collection of the objects to be stored by our professional removal team.
  • Collection by container truck directly to your door!
  • Collection as an inexpensive additional load in Germany or Europe is possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Direct stowage in our storage containers. Your removal or storage goods are packed directly into this special container. Furniture storage without reloading!
  • Delivery directly to your house. The containers are delivered directly to you for unloading.
  • Dry and heated storage rooms: Your furniture, documents, files, instruments, works of art, etc. are stored under climatically safe conditions. Insurance cover for your belongings is available on request.
  • Short-term storage by individual agreement. Also in a swap case, which can be provided immediately if required.
  • Short-term also the provision of your stored goods according to demand! 

Rent storage space in Kiel - when space is no longer sufficient

the friendly warehouse

Store furniture safely and dryly

A temporary stay abroad, inherited furniture, a household downsizing or household liquidation or delay in the completion of the new home or office, there are many different reasons for storage. Tischendorf Furniture Storage offers the ideal solution. We have space when you run out of room. No matter whether you want to store smaller or larger quantities, whether you want to store things such as office equipment for a longer period of time or only temporarily. At Tischendorf we offer you exactly what you or your company needs. With the most modern storage logistics, we reliably carry out your storage.

We guarantee quality storage in the medium price segment and qualified advice throughout. Tischendorf solves your storage problems.