Outdoor lift & furniture lift

We adapt your move quickly and flexibly to your needs - from as little as 350 euros!

The sofa, the washing machine, the family dining table for six people - moving goods can be quite heavy and quite bulky. With large pieces of furniture, transporting them up and down the stairs quickly becomes a feat of strength. In some buildings, the architecture makes it difficult or even impossible to remove the furniture in the normal way. For example, if the staircase is very narrow or there is a spiral staircase, or if the flat is in the attic or in an old building without a lift. Narrow flat doors can also become a problem. If normal transport through the building is complicated, we rely not only on the muscle power of our expert removal teams, but also on the technology of our external lifts. With our modern furniture lifts, we can safely and comfortably transport all your removal goods or furniture through the window or balcony of your flat or house. A furniture lift is therefore an interesting aid to transport your furniture and the entire inventory comfortably to or from higher floors. It is an immense relief for everyone involved, as muscles and nerves are spared, not to mention the staircase interior. It also keeps your own furniture even better protected from damage.

Move management /

Planning corporate relocations from A to Z - until now, many companies have relied on Tischendorf's planning skills. It quickly becomes apparent that the relocation of complex removals, workshops or industrial plants cannot be done without intensive planning, conception and, if necessary, only with furniture lifts.

and quality

As different as our customers are, as different are the demands and tasks that commercial relocation places on us. In order to be able to meet these diverse demands, we place the highest value on the quality of our services. We bring you to your destination perfectly planned.

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Good employees reduce costs, poor quality leads to cost growth. In order to objectively assess the quality of our performance, we ask about customer satisfaction after every service we provide. More than 95 % of all customers would move again with Tischendorf International Furniture Removal.

A furniture lift is a type of lift that is attached to a building from the outside

How to save costs when moving

Transport comfortably and safely

Furniture lifts are constructed similarly to construction lifts, with a long ladder and a rectangular platform that can be loaded. The conveyor surface can be folded up sideways so that even bulky and large pieces of furniture can fit there. Thus, the large sofa, the wide sideboard and even whole walls of books can be loaded. With the help of hydraulic technology, your furniture moves gently and comfortably to the ground along the building. Our furniture lift also transports stacked moving boxes easily down or up. Our outdoor lifts carry loads of up to 400 kg and lift anything that fits through your windows. This not only spares your muscles and nerves, but also the old and new staircases, railings, doors, walls - and above all your own furniture, which - safely stored on the loading platform - is even better protected from damage during transport.

The advantages of a furniture lift:

  • Cost saving
  • Time saving
  • Staircase and door protection
  • Less risk of furniture damage

Time saving with an outdoor lift

With an outdoor lift, we can move your furniture and the entire inventory to or from higher floors in the shortest possible time - and that is the biggest advantage of using an outdoor lift. One trip with a loading platform full of moving boxes replaces multiple runs by the removal workers. The time required for loading and unloading your removal goods is thus reduced immensely. With our furniture lift and our trained removal staff, you can move in and out in the shortest possible time. From a certain size of move and according to the available floors, you save a lot of time - and therefore a lot of money - with our outdoor lift.

Flat without a lift and you want to be high up when you move?

Advantages of the outdoor lift

When is an outdoor lift worthwhile?

  • If the stairwell is narrow or obstructed.
  • On upper floors without lift or lift too small.
  • For a lot of large and bulky furniture.
  • For narrow doors.

Cost savings with a furniture lift

Of course, we pass on the price advantage resulting from the saved personnel costs when moving with a furniture lift to our customers. Our removal consultants will always calculate the most favourable option for your removal offer. During a personal appointment, they examine the conditions on site and check whether there is sufficient space for an outdoor lift. Since the furniture lift is mounted on a truck or trailer, sufficient space in front of the building is a basic requirement for its use. In a consultation, our experts will explain to you whether the use of a furniture lift is worthwhile for your removal project. Outdoor lifts on public roads are subject to approval, depending on the municipality. If required, we will of course take care of all formalities with the relevant authorities.

You can also rent our outdoor lift with an operator for "do it yourself" removals. It is also suitable for other operations at lofty heights. The minimum charge for use is €350. Please feel free to call us!