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Storage facility in Kiel - store furniture safely and dryly

We help with your space problems! Whatever you want to store or remove from storage, Tischendorf offers you individual storage options on more than 10,000m² of storage space in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. Our modern furniture warehouse in Kiel-Wittland has 5,000 m² of dry and heatable storage space and meets all safety standards. Whether you want to store your entire household goods, office equipment or need short-term interim storage for your removal goods, we have the right offer for you. Storage in one of Tischendorf's modern furniture warehouses is the ideal solution for keeping furniture and household goods safe temporarily or for longer periods. Tischendorf Removals solves your storage problems!

Pick-up and delivery service

Our pick-up and delivery service includes the collection of your furniture or other goods, we then bring them directly to our warehouse. And if it's heavy stuff that needs to be transported to the 3rd floor, for example, we'll be happy to take care of the delivery.

Companies - and
Office moves

Office relocation best with Tischendorf. We are the right contact for your comfortable office move or all company moves and the moving professional for a smooth start at the new location. Business customers also always have something to store!

Furniture assembly service
From the expert

Furniture assembly, furniture installation, furniture dismantling - we do it all and much more! Our furniture assembly service is not only characterised by professional competence, the fitters always appear friendly and polite. Tischendorf furniture assemblers are experts in their field.

Where can I have my furniture stored in Kiel and the surrounding area?

Storage space for your storage

Furniture storage at Tischendorf - we solve your storage problems!

The removal company Tischendorf Umzugslogistik und Möbelspedition GmbH from Kiel has been offering companies and private customers professional and individual removal solutions and storage options for over 140 years. The Tischendorf furniture warehouse in Kiel-Witttland is the most modern in Schleswig-Holstein and offers plenty of space for furniture, household goods, art, files, books, vehicles and other private property. Short-term storage in a swap body is also possible on request. This is ideal, for example, if the move into a new flat or house is delayed. Swap cases can be provided immediately by individual arrangement if required. Whatever and however much you want to store or remove from storage, Tischendorf offers you individual storage options.

Storage in storage containers in Kiel and Northern Germany

You don't need the entire household contents after a move? Or not yet immediately? Your new house is not yet finished? You are planning a stay abroad for a few months? Or your employer has transferred you as a civil servant for a limited period? Then you need a place where you can safely store your furniture and household effects. This is where Tischendorf's container storage service comes in! We have over 200 storage containers, each with a loading volume of about 33 m³. The great advantage of container storage is that we can drive directly to your home with the storage container in order to stow your stored goods directly on site. You can load the container yourself or we can do it according to your wishes. Without reloading, we bring the storage container together with your furniture to our secure furniture warehouse. Your stored goods remain in the container without reloading. This is particularly gentle, as all objects only need to be touched once during loading and do not need to be moved afterwards. Furniture, household effects, collections, instruments, files, archives and all items for which there is no longer sufficient space at home can be stored cleanly and dryly in our containers. You can always access your belongings at short notice. With container storage from Tischendorf, you are exactly right!

Furniture storage at Tischendorf in Kiel - everything under wraps

Storage space for your storage

Furniture storage in the container in the Tischendorf furniture warehouse

These are the services we offer:

  • Collection of your furniture or belongings by professional removal teams.
  • Collection of your stored goods with container truck to your doorstep.
  • Stowage in storage containers directly on site. Furniture storage without reloading!
  • Delivery of your stored goods in a container directly to your door.
  • Dry and heated storage rooms: Storage of documents, files, furniture, etc. under climatically safe conditions. Extra insurance cover on request.
  • Collection also possible as a low-cost additional load in Germany or Europe.
  • Short-term storage by individual agreement. Also in a swap case, which can be provided immediately if required.
  • Short-term provision of your stored goods according to demand!

Rent storage space in Kiel - Storage at Tischendorf

Tischendorf Container Storage also offers you various options for affordable self-storage. At Tischendorf Storage you can rent individual storage options in many different sizes from 5m³. Storage is just the thing for all those things you don't want to part with, but don't currently have the space. While you are in furniture storage, you can access your belongings at any time or even move parts of them out. Specialists and suitable means of transport are available on site. At Tischendorf, you always discreetly store what and how much you want. If you need packaging material, please contact our warehouse staff. We have the entire range of packaging materials of the highest quality in stock at all times.

Who can also provide storage services for companies and businesses?

Also available for short-term storage

Storage in Kiel - best with Tischendorf

Central and quickly accessible, a large delivery area, this is what the storage space at Tischendorf in Kiel offers. In the self-storage facility, we offer you various storage options. Whether short-term or long-term storage, always cancellable on a monthly basis! With us you can choose your storage space. If you are not sure how much space you actually need, just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you. If required, our staff will also take care of loading and unloading. By means of photos and sealing, the storage is documented at each handover. Our furniture storage helps you bring more space into your life. Whether you need to store a complete household, office equipment or short-term interim storage for your removal goods, we have the right solutions for you. Storage is an inexpensive and uncomplicated way for private customers to temporarily store their belongings.

Removal service Kiel

As an owner-managed removal company from Kiel, Tischendorf has been successfully active in the removal and furniture transport industry for more than 145 years. We attach great importance to the personal and individual care of our clientele as well as modern and quality-oriented services. Our removal specialists look after our Kiel customers reliably and efficiently, starting with the quotation phase, through the planning stage, right up to the completion of the move. It goes without saying that all our employees have many years of experience and are regularly trained in all areas relevant to the move. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and offer our customers a high level of quality and reliability. In addition, our removal service Kiel is sustainably oriented for people, the environment and technology. The environmental certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 merely provides the basic framework for us to comply with many strict formalities. We are always trying to get a little bit better.

Rent storage space in Kiel - when space is no longer sufficient

the friendly warehouse

Removal and storage tips Kiel

A move in Kiel is an extraordinary situation for everyone involved. With careful planning, trained staff and recognised quality standards, every Kiel move can be a success. A personal relocation consultation provides clarity about the requirements, process and costs of a move. Important: Take leave in good time or schedule your move for the weekend. Apply for no-stopping zones in front of your old and new home so that the removal vans have room to park. This will save you having to lug furniture a long way. Start planning your move in good time so that you have enough time to clear out and pack up. It's worth clearing out your belongings before the move, as it saves time and money. Don't forget to re-register at the residents' registration office and to apply for a forwarding address at the post office.

Facts about Kiel

Kiel is the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein and lies on the Kiel Fjord and the Baltic Sea. With just under 250,000 inhabitants, Kiel is the northernmost major city in Germany. The watershed between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea runs through Kiel. The Kiel Canal ends at Kiel in the Kiel Fjord. Kiel is known for the annual international sailing event "Kiel Week" and for the "Kieler Sprotten" (a speciality).

Tischendorf Lagerlogistik from Kiel is your professional partner for removals, furniture transports and storage of all kinds. We solve your storage problems, whether normal storage, storage in containers or self-storage. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.